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Faithful to the motto „going much further instead of keeping it up” the Westfalen Group implemented a new guiding principle to position itself for the future.

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The guiding principles of the Westfalen Group     

Shaping progress sustainably with a new guiding principle

In 2021, the Westfalen Group developed a new guiding principle to position itself for the future. According to the theme “We are making progress sustainable”, the family-owned company has defined the contents and topics that will define the Westfalen Group of the future.
The family-owned company is increasingly relying on the expertise it has built up over the past 100 years. As an independent European solutions provider, it wants to take on challenges, to design the markets with innovations and convincing performances and to continue growing profitably. The focus remains on the customer and his needs.

The transformation will be approached in an ecologically as well as economically sustainable manner. The Westfalen Group has always thought in terms of generations rather than quarters and is increasingly focusing on sustainable business models.

To visualise the new positioning, the corporate design is adapted, too. The colourful modern and digital design leads the way to a sustainable future. All media will be converted successively in the coming months.

Experience more about the new guiding principle and a first glimpse of the new design in the annual report 2021.

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Annual Report 2021

New brand identity combines tradition and modernity

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Old vs. new logo

The new logo strengthens the essential elements of the visual identity: the steed, the red colour, the square and the angle.

Westfalen 3erKonstellation B

Figurative- & Word mark

The word mark was developed from the "Westfalen NewsSans" brand font. To strengthen the logo character, the stroke width was increased and the familiar combination of the letters s, t, f was transferred to the new design. In its function as a sender, the word mark never stands alone, but always in combination with or in relation to the figurative mark.

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Colourful figurative mark

The colour of the logo can be varied for communication purposes. This optional multi-colouring offers more freedom of expression and connectivity. The following applies to their use: Harmonious with the dominant or accentuating colour ("tone-on-tone"). The colours do not serve to code for themes, products, or company divisions.

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animated layout

„As a company, we have started out on the right path and are taking on the challenges of the future.“

– Dr. Thomas Perkmann, CEO of the Westfalen Group


The brand colour is red. Red stands for "hazardous substances," but also for "lifeblood" - in other words, for the expertise and joy with which Westfalen approaches things. The design colours stand for the diversity of topics and solutions.

Westfalen Farben


The new brand font is called Westfalen NewsSans. The precision, lightness and openness of the characters, as well as special typographic details, give the messages an independent, modern character. In particular, the small 'g' characterises many of the terms that make up Westfalen - for example, gaseous, gas, digital, ...

Design elements

The horse from the figurative mark is the essential identifying feature. The horse is therefore also used as a design element - solitary, as a group of two or three. The combination with colour and type creates striking brand typography.

Westfalen Gestaltungselemente

Visual imagery


The new visual imagery is focused, striking and activating. It relies on authentic shots by showing real use cases and the company's own employees. The powerful colours attract attention and harmonise with the chosen colour spectrum. Hereby, the colourful image brand can become part of the story.

Each of the images tells a story about the Westfalen Group's expertise and innovative solutions. The focus is on the enthusiasm for the customers' topics and the path to more sustainability.


Icons and pictograms support the perception of the brand as a "solution provider". They stand for functionalities or characteristics of Westfalen's products and services. The design style is inspired by the figurative mark - the square, flat basic shape, angular and round edges, positive and negative lines.

Westfalen Gestaltungselemente


Infographics can be used to illustrate the significance of figures and data in a brand-defining way. Together with diagrams and technical drawings, the perception of competence as an innovative solution provider is underlined.

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„Modernisation creates new scopes for design - especially for digital channels.“

- Maren Rose, Head of Marketing, Communications & Sustainability


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Annual report

The new design has already been applied in the annual report for 2021. Let the new brand design convince you.

Annual Report 2021

Frequently asked questions

Why has the Westfalen Group revised its brand identity?

Going much further instead of keeping it up
We are making progress sustainable - this is the central message of the Westfalen brand mission statement. This claim places demands on brand design, modern brand communication and prudent implementation planning. Three goals are being pursued:

  1. to become clearer - the recognisability is to be strengthened by focusing on the essential characteristics: above all on the horse and the red. This has been the hallmark of Westfalen for around 100 years.
  2. leap further - the possibilities of expression, especially for digital communication, are to be expanded. This means: more flexibility and leeway in dealing with the brand elements
  3. thinking sustainably - the transition is to be designed in a compatible way. Therefore, the design was developed in such a way that old and new can exist simultaneously during implementation.

When should the changeover to the new design take place?

The changeover is to be implemented step by step using a cost-optimised, resource-conserving approach. The annual report 2021 was the first medium to be published in the new design at the end of June. By the end of 2022, the website will appear in the new design and structure, other digital touchpoints and the first print media will also be converted this year. The change in the subsidiaries and national companies will take place from 2023.

Will all petrol stations be converted to the new design?

The existing petrol stations will remain in their familiar appearance. New buildings, such as the mobility hubs, will be implemented in the new design. When developing the new brand identity, care was taken to ensure that the old and new brand worlds function in parallel.

Do you have any suggestions or further questions?

Then please feel free to contact us at digital-marketing@westfalen.com.